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It is, indeed, in human nature to want everything unique and exclusive and lean towards exoticism. That is why there are so many men around the world going crazy about Indonesian women. Unlike other Asian nationalities, these girls remain the far-away exotic mystery to the Western world that allures with the colorful national dresses and seductive dances. But what are they like in everyday human life? Are they good views and mothers? Are they open to the relationships with the foreigner?

If your heart starts to beat quicker when you see pretty Indonesian girls, but you don’t know anything about their and their traditions than you are in the right place. In this review, we will try to open a brand new world of Indonesian mail-order brides to you and teach you how to behave yourself in their company. We will discover what has hidden behind such a bright appearance and whether this type of woman is a good choice for a man of another culture to marry and create a family with.

Appearance of Indonesian Mail Order Brides

Men love with their eyes, state a lot of psychological experiments. And Indonesian girls know exactly how to attract their attention with posh clothes, sparkling accessories and perfect makeup. These gorgeous traditional looks are what makes quite a lot of men get obsessed with the idea of marrying Indonesian ladies. They fit their exotic Oriental appearance so much, that you have the feeling that you are dating the Goddess. 

Unique Style 

In everyday life Indonesian girlfriends rarely wear their traditional looks, giving the preference to the ordinary and comfortable ones. However, don’t think that as soon as the Indonesian girl changes clothes she loses all the charm and mystery.  On the contrary, she will wear something even more feminine and cute that will make you want to take care of your bride and never let go. There is no single standard in style among Indonesian mail order wives. Some of them may wear seductive tight dresses; another might prefer a pair of jeans and sneakers. The one thing is certain; every Indonesian girl will try her best to look attractive in the eyes of the beloved man.

Tender Figures

Indonesian girls for marriage are usually slim and not very high but still curvy and hot. This is what makes them look very feminine and vulnerable. In order to maintain sporty figures, they practice sports and try their best to eat healthily. 

Exotic Facial Features

Mild Asian facial features make these girls look like Oriental Princesses – graceful, charming and alluring. Their full red lips, dark eyes and light porcelain skin charm everyone around them, not giving a chance to pass by. Still, the most dangerous weapon of the Indonesian mail order bride is her smile. The smile that makes the whole world to pause, cures any wounds and brings light to your life.

Characteristics of Indonesian Women for Marriage

While the appearance features are what lays on the surface, the character traits and life views and values of Indonesian girls are not so clear and widely known. Let’s take a look at important characteristics that define beautiful Indonesian women.

Mentally Developed

Indonesian ladies dedicate lots of time to the mental practices which help them overcome stresses and gather energy. Deeply rooted in Indonesian culture these activities become an everyday routine of Indonesian girls. While they listen carefully to their inner voice, they also care about other people’s needs and feelings. They build their relationships on mutual respect and understanding and choose their significant others very carefully, as they believe that there should be only one marriage and divorce is not an option.


Indonesian women are very soft-hearted and romantic, they like when a man does great deeds for them and expresses their affection with the help of little but very pleasant signs of attention such as a bunch of flowers, pieces of jewelry or favorite perfume. It is always a great idea to surprise your Indonesian girl with dinner on the rooftop or boat ride. But, when it comes to dating Indonesian women, the most important thing is to make her feel loved and desired. Don’t stop make compliments, kissing and hugging your beloved bride, holding her hand and she will bring the brightest colors into your life.

Loyal And Family-Oriented

Indonesian women grow up in big families and absorb family values from early childhood. They help their parents with household chores and take care of their siblings. This teaches them responsibility and helps to understand the importance of family. As soon as the girls grow up, they start thinking of building their own families and dream of meeting a perfect partner for it. 

Indonesian wife is committed to her family and is ready to sacrifice own interest for the happiness of her family. She is completely loyal and devoted to the husband and never stops caring about him. As long as her husband gives all his love back to her, Indonesian bride doesn’t need and doesn’t anyone but him and their family.


Indonesian women are quite conservative when it comes to family traditions. They believe that the man is the breadwinner in the family, while the woman stays home and takes care of children and the household. What is more, Indonesian wives have strong ties with their relatives and usually spend some important holidays together and usually need their approval in order to get married. The Indonesian wedding, by the way, is the occasion which is celebrated as the most important occasion in the whole life and remains the brightest memory afterward. 

Best Dating Sites to Meet Indonesian Singles

There are a number of variants to meet your love of Indonesian origin. The easiest one seems to be to find one in your home city; however, it is not always possible to know where to search. The flight to Indonesian without even knowing where to go to meet Indonesian single woman also sounds a little bit strange. 

Thanks to modern technologies numerous dating websites offer so many possibilities for you to meet brides all over the world that you have no chance not to meet your special one. Let’s take a look at the popular Asian dating sites offering a decent number of Indonesian single ladies.

Asian Beauty online is a dating platform that specializes in Oriental women providing its users with the possibility to contact brides from different Asian countries. It is a popular online dating website that allows every newcomer to register, update their account and search for their perfect match absolutely free. This will give you the possibility to get the grasp of the website’s operations and decide whether you are ready for online communication with Indonesian girls.

And the communication on Asian Beauty Online is a paid option. The website claims to have the most efficient ones in place to facilitate productive communication between its users.

Make sure to take care of your own safety while using dating platforms, as there are a lot of people who might think of registering on such websites and getting money from men in such a vulnerable position.

Asian Feels is another dating platform worthy of Indonesian beauty admirers’ attention. It operates on the same principles as any other dating website. First, you perform signup and update your account by adding some important information on your appearance, interests and hobbies, achievements and goals and romantic preferences and uploading some high- quality photos. Make sure to take this questionnaire seriously. This will help you in your searches and make you appear on the searches of the brides. Then you may begin searching for your perfect bride, specifying her age, country of origin, level of education, habits, etc.

As soon as you find someone of special interest, you will have to buy one of the payment plans to get access to the communication tools offered by the website.

Asian Feels claims to provide the best safety mechanisms to protect your payment details and personal information from fraudsters and people with malicious intentions.

Indonesian wife finder may also take into consideration the Asian Melodies dating platform as the means of communication with their dream girlfriends. It is a popular website that is aimed to bring two lonely hearts that have been waiting for each other together and facilitate their potential relationships and sometimes even marriage.

Sign up on the website to know what it has to offer and which brides you are likely to meet there. Feel free to contact Customer Support in case of any questions, problems or inconveniences.

The profiles on Asian Melodies are diverse and well-detailed. Look them through and find which one appeals the most to you. You are not limited in the number of your interlocutors, so purchase one of the site’s price plans and start discovering Indonesian women.

Tips for Dating Indonesian Women

Now that you have arranged your first meeting, you definitely want this date to become the best one in your bride’s life. Prepare well using the proposed tips and win her heart forever.

Go To Her Favorite Place

Give the choice of the place for your first meeting to your bride. First of all, she might know better where your date is more likely to go smoothly and enjoyable. This place will make her feel comfortable and open up to her man. And second, it will make your bride feel confident about the fact that her opinion is important and trusted. 

Listen To Her

The best way to get to know your bride is to listen carefully to what she says. Indonesian girls believe in the spiritual connection between beloved ones and will try to build this bond between you. So listen to what she tells you about herself, express your thoughts and keep the conversation lively and dynamic. Don’t be too nervous around your bride, take it easy and enjoy your date and she will definitely enjoy it as well.

Meet Her Family

Get to know your bride’s closest ones. This will help you not only to create connections to her family but also understand your Indonesian bride better, since what can tell more about our personality than the people we spend the majority of time with? Don’t come to the house empty-handed, ask your bride beforehand about her relatives’ interests and bring some specially picked presents to your meeting. Convince your love’s parents that your key goal is to make their little girl happy and build a family with her.

Pay For Her

Indonesian girls believe that man is who makes money in the family that is why it is normal for them to expect men to pay for them. However, don’t show off your wealth in front of your Indonesian girlfriend it might make her think of herself as an Indonesian bride for sale. Better “buy’ Oriental bride with your sense of humor and unconditional love. This will make a girl stick to you for the whole life and not just a couple of nights in some cases.


Indonesian mail order wife is an exotic choice, however, in spite of all our cultural differences, we are all humans with the basic needs of love and being loved. We want to have somebody trustworthy by our side; we want to share our wins and losses with somebody who cares, we want to build a happy family. The differences in our world view only help us turn around and find our happiness and comfort. So that, don’t hesitate to make the first step towards meeting your Indonesian love. It is high time you started chasing your dreams. 

Start with the online dating sites, listed above. They will give you an understanding of communication between men and women, help you to understand your own preferences and needs and introduce you to the world of Indonesian beauties. Now that you have such a large amount of knowledge about Indonesian wives online, you have no choice but to start your exciting romantic journey.

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