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It is no secret that the general public is still unsure about the legitimacy of the mail order brides business and frequently frowns upon anyone turning their eyes to such services. However, it can be stated with a hundred percent certainty that such an attitude is nothing else but the result of multiple misconceptions in regard to the matter.

Sites To Meet a Bride

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The controversy surrounding the topic stems from people making false assumptions about how online dating sites work and who are the ladies that are displayed there. There are a couple of significant prejudices associated with this sphere. So it is important to clarify what exactly is referred to when saying ‘a mail order bride’.

Please note that we qualify the sites as mail-order-bride-ones without consultancy with them, upon our own discretion. It does not mean that you cannot find your love there, but with no regard to special requirements to mail-order-bride agencies under applicable law.

Also, the best dating sites you will find on our platform are the “best”, in our subjective opinion.

Dispelling Myths About Mail Order Brides

Here are some common myths circulating around the Internet that need to be addressed and subsequently dispelled:

Is It Real?

The term ‘brides for sale’ is often used in the context of mail order bride services. This, however, may be extremely confusing to anyone not familiar with the world of online dating, and therefore, can cause some unpleasant associations with human trafficking. Of course, the term is nothing but figurative and cannot be taken literally, at least because actually purchasing a human being is highly illegal and no site would ever offer you such service. Therefore, no matter what you choose to sign up for promises you, there is no way you could legally obtain a wife upon transferring whatever sum of money the site is requesting. Usually, the platforms offering this are either scams, pranks or should be immediately reported to the authorities.

Mail Order Brides

What happens on the legitimate online dating sites is that you simply pay a small fee for either registration, subscription, or usage of additional featured depending on whether you decide to utilize free or paid services.

Do These Services Want Your Money?

This is yet another misconception that a lot of people have in regards to online dating platforms. Essentially, this is false as all the trustworthy mail order brides sites have very transparent payment systems, so you are aware of all the features that would require additional payment, and you are the one who decides whether you would like to access them, or not. In fact, for many free sites, communication with girlfriends is possible without any extra cost. But, of course, just like in the real world, you would have better chances attracting women you like if you show them that you are exceptionally serious about your intentions, and are willing to invest into your happiness. On mail order brides online dating platforms, you do it through purchasing some available-upon-request features.

Is Mail Order Bride Real?

While we cannot vouch for absolutely every single site on the web, it will be fair to say that some dating sites feature legit girls. The myth about there being paid staff communicating with men is an outdated opinion. In fact, all ladies whose profiles you can see on dating websites are just usual people, who are there for the same reason you are — to find love. Moreover, they are not scouted by the management of such sites. So they are not getting any profit out of using such sites other than communicating with potential partners. Therefore, it is fair to notice that no matter how much money you spend on purchasing various additional features the site has to offer, it cannot guarantee you a liking of a particular woman as at the end of the day it all is up to you and your personal charms.

However, even after elucidating these points, it can still be hard to believe that all the gorgeous women signup to such sites. But there is nothing to be suspicious about, often sites verify female accounts. So you can be sure all the females there are who they appear to be.

There are multiple reasons as to why girls would want to become mail order brides, starting from a disproportion in the males to females ration in their country, ending with simply trying to look for a husband from abroad. Nevertheless, any girl who is seeking a foreign partner can register to be a mail order bride.

How to Find a Bride?

mail order bride

A good way to find a foreign bride is to turn to the help of various online dating websites. The process is fairly straightforward and can be broken down into a couple of simple steps:

Choose Reliable Platform

Browse the web in search of the website that you think will be the most suitable for you. This includes taking into account your personal preferences regarding the features your ideal partner has to have. Especially important, this step is for those men seeking an exotic lady, as some sites are better to fir the purpose than others are. For instance, if you are looking for Chinese girls, you should turn to the services that focus mainly on Asian online dating.

Create Account

Once you are satisfied with the platform, you intend to use, sign up to the service. Usually, registering an account is painless and does not take much time, you should be all set in no more than 5 minutes. Initially, you need to state your age, come up with a user name and a password.

Specify What Types of Mail Order Brides You’re Looking For

Fill out a questionnaire that would later help you match with the most compatible singles. After that, fill your profile with some detailed description of who you are, what you are looking for, and some of your ideal pictures to instantly get girls to check you out. Of course, you are the one who decides who much information will be shared on your profile, but bear in mind you need to keep a balance between not putting out too much (especially if there is any sensitive info), but still telling some facts that could spark interest in a conversation with you.

Browse Profiles

Get down to the fun part — searching! This differs from site to site, but usually, you are given a chance to both browses through the extensive catalogue as well as use search tools to filter accounts in accordance to your criteria to find a bride.

How to Choose Good Mail Order Wife Sites

When looking for a potential mail order wife, you may be struck by the number of different sites that offer similar services. Howinteever, it is essential to examine the options you have first to choose a platform that is good and effective. Usually, it is mainly the low-quality sites that are filled with scammers and catfish, encountering, which would make your online dating experience significantly less enjoyable. The things you might want to consider are:

  • Size of the Database;
  • Search tools provided by the site;
  • Additional features that would enhance your user experience;
  • Moderation;
  • Payment safety.

However, if you do not want to waste any more time analyzing the options, you can trust this article and signup to one of the following sites with pretty good mail order brides catalogues.


  • FindAsianBeaty is one of the most well-respected international brides platforms with years of successful cases of bringing people together.
  • It has a big user database which makes it easy to find a woman to marry.
  • Great search system that allows you to narrow down your search to specifics, so you can focus on a particular type of singles e.g., finding a divorced European mail order bride.
  • The rates are slightly higher than average since the website positions itself as a premium online dating service


  • One of the good online dating platforms in Latin America that features many cheap brides.
  • 128-bit SSL encrypted payment system.
  • Verification is mandatory for some girls
  • profiles of the awesome brides.


  • The excellent online dating site to meet beautiful Slav singles from Ukraine and Russia.
  • The site provides additional features that allow you to assess your performance for free (stats about the profile interaction).
  • It has a mobile version to keep in touch even when you cannot access your PC.


  • One of the more western sites so if European or Latin American brides for marriage is what you are interested in, this one is for you.
  • It has an advanced search tool as well as a catalogue of brides.
  • Great moderation team.

How Much Does It Cost?

Some sites are more exclusive than others with the main difference being whether registration is paid or free of charge. It is up to you whether you would like to look for relationships with free mail order brides. However, it is fair to notice that while you can find some sites with a complete overseas bride’s free access, most of the good ones request a small fee to get a chance to use all the features. Some websites work based on a subscription, and others use a credit system.

In order to have access to all the features of the website, the user needs to update to the paid plan. He can browse profiles for free however, the user needs to buy credits to communicate on the site. Websites offer the following packages (How Much Do Mail Order Brides Cost?):

  • The discount price 19.99$, the original price is 28.99$. Given credits – 50 (can be purchased 3 times)
  • Discount price 44.99$, original price 64.99$, Given credits – 125
  • Discount price 69.99$, original price 99.99$, Given credits – 250
  • Discount price 149.99$, original price 214.99$, Given credits – 750

Wooing girlfriends can consist of the following things:

  • chat – 2 credits per minute with one particular lady;
  • chat sticker – 5 credits;
  • chat photo – 10 credits per photo;
  • chat video – 50 credits to open;
  • the audio message from the lady in the chat – 10 credits;
  • sending a letter – 30 credits to one particular lady.